According to a recent survey by Bloomberg: “While firms globally are facing challenges in implementing financial accounting standard IFRS 9, a recent survey by Bloomberg shows that many firms in the Asia Pacific have missed the Jan. 1, 2018 implementation date completely.

The survey, completed by firms in Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Taiwan showed that fewer than half have identified an IFRS 9 solution and a quarter haven’t even started to look for one.”

In view of the great demand, Valtech is pleased to assist clients for a smooth implementation of IFRS 9 as valuation is prominently involved. Specifically, we assist our client in:

  • Hedge effectiveness and ineffectiveness assessment
  • Hedging documentation
  • 12 month expected credit loss and lifetime credit loss assessment
  • Assessment by general approach and simplified approach
  • Fair value assessments for those instruments, private equity investments even the whole portfolio and AFSs for those items under the category of FVPL